Chimney kit for pellet stove, Stainless steel AISI 304, Black matte

All you need to make a chimney for your pellet stove.

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Suitable for pellet stove with flue diameter 80mm. Includes everything that might be needed to connect the flue of a pellet stove or a pellet boiler stove:

Straight flue pipe 1m length - 2pcs

Straight flue pipe 0,5m length - 1pcs

90° Tee with cap - 1pcs

90° Elbow - 1pcs

Coupling - 1pcs (in case one of the straight pipes need to be shortened)

Rosette - 1pcs

Rosette increaser 80 to 150mm - 1pcs

Stainless steel flue liners aid in the burning process and also carry the flue gases away. They reduce both fuel consumption and condensation. In normal conditions this series of flue pipes can withstand electrical, heat and mechanical loads, as well as atmospheric and chemical exposure.

Produced of 0,4mm AISI 304 BA stainless steel which makes it highly resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.

Field of use

Single wall chimneys with butt welding are manufactured according to the European and international standards and are used for exhaust fumes, chemical and oxidizing gases from boilers and fireplaces that operate with oil, gas, solid fuels and biomass.


Place the female expanded part to the top, following the flow of fumes and as the arrow on the info sticker on the chimney indicates. Starting from the base of the chimney and after installing all the wall brackets first, use a plastic hammer to tap gently the male part of the chimney to lock it with the piece below, then install the next piece on top. A triangular base has to be used at the bottom of the chimney just above the tee with the drain plug, then use a wall bracket every 2 meters. On installations taller than 10m height, an additional triangular base has to be used every 10m of additional height.

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Weight (kg) 5.0000
Country of Manufacture Greece
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Diameter (mm) Φ80
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