Differential temperature controller for solar thermal plants, Model smart Sol Top

German differential temperature controller smart Sol suitable for solar thermal systems with medium complexity and power for domestic hot water and heating support.

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For achieving greater efficiency of a solar system, a differential temperature controller can be installed in order to manage the system and optimize its operation. The smart Sol range of controllers have a user friendly operation, attractive and elegant design as well as extreme versatility. Performance is increased by 15% by forecasting the sun radiation and charging the tank more efficiently.

User-friendly design

  • Full graphic colour display for clear and logical visualization
  • Innovative and easy operation
  • Smart and time-saving wiring
  • Installation wizard for quick and safe commissioning
  • Service wizard for quick customer support
  • Numerous functions for operation, monitoring and protection
  • Elegant and puristic design


Supported hydraulic systems

Hydraulic system typeHydraulic system type 11Hydraulic system type 2Hydraulic system type 3Hydraulic system type 4

Hydraulic system type 12Hydraulic system type 5Hydraulic system type 6Hydraulic system type 7Hydraulic system type 13

Hydraulic system type 14Hydraulic system type 8Hydraulic system type 9Hydraulic system type 15Hydraulic system type 16

Hydraulic system type 17Hydraulic system type 18Hydraulic system type 19Hydraulic system type 20Hydraulic system type 21

Hydraulic system type 22Hydraulic system type 23Hydraulic system type 24

 Operation and visualization


  • Full graphic TFT colour display with backlight
  • Rotary encoder with Push, ESC button
  • 3 operation modes- Manufacturer (OEM), installer and end user
  • User guide and self-explanatory menu
  • Combination of text and symbols
  • Several languages installed


Smart Sol wiring

  • Easily removable terminal cover
  • Laser engraved connection diagram
  • Wide-spaced terminals
  • Variable wiring options
  • Durable spring-type terminals
  • Intersection-free wiring
  • Strain relief device

Installation and service wizard

  • Developed in cooperation with Regensburg University and heating trade representatives
  • With just a few settings, the solar system is ready for operation
  • Preset functions for different solar system types
  • After free assignment of inputs and outputs, a matching system type will be suggested
  • Visual and audio indication of malfunctions and errors
  • Diagnostics accessible by the end user in case of error messages
  • Installer recommendations for fixing malfunctioins or for maintenance

Plant visualization

  • Indication of measured values of inputs and outputs
  • Service hour counter for outputs
  • COsavings displayed
  • Error list
  • Solar yield measurement with data display
  • Remote access and software package for monitoring and optimization

Data interfaces

SD and USB  SD card slot for data logging and USB port for PC connection


More Information
Warranty 2 Years
Weight (kg) 0.3000
Country of Manufacture Germany
Number of inputs for temperature sensors 6
Number of inputs for analog vortex flow sensors 1
Number of triac outputs for pumps and valves (1A) 2
Number of relay outputs for pumps, valves, boiler (1A) 1
Number of relay outputs for electric heating element (max 15A) -
Number of fixed analog outputs for high-efficiency pumps 2
Additional supply terminals -
SD card slot Yes
USB port Yes
Acoustic alarm Yes
Electric power supply (V/Hz) 230/50
Display Full graphic TFT colour display with backlight
Power supply protection 2A Fuse
Mount Type Wall mounting, installation in pump group or tank
Protection class IP20
Maximum number of collector arrays 2
Maximum number of tanks 3
Number of simultaneous hydraulic systems 24
Differential temperature control Yes
Fixed temperature control Yes
Disable the tank recharge Yes
Priority charging Yes
Tube collector function Yes
Thermostat function Yes
More Information
Maximum number of selectable control functions Yes
Speed control of the pumps Yes
Collector defrosting Yes
Holiday function Yes
Automatic daylight savings time Yes
Collector minimum temperature Yes
Quick charging Yes
Signal processing global radiation sensor -
Back-up heating via different heat sources Yes
Charge zone control Yes
Bypass in the solar circuit Yes
Collector emergency OFF Yes
Collector cooling Yes
Tank maximum temperature limitation Yes
Tank temperature limit cut-out Yes
Anti blocking protection Yes
Tank cooling Yes
Sensor monitoring Yes
Monitoring the output parameters Yes
Sensor balancing Yes
Service hour counter Yes
Indication of measured values Yes
Error list Yes
Manual mode Yes
Parameter resetting Yes
Solar yield measurement with data display Yes
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