Mainboard Tiemme, PACQ204003415

Control board Tiemme TC 110-24B-59 for IDRO inserts
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Control board Tiemme TC 110-24B-59 is suitable for wood inserts IDRO termochimneys, made up of a power board and a 7 segments LED display board with 3 digits through which it's possible to see different functions: stove on, stove off or standby, temperature, possible alerts and functionality tests.

It's possible switching on/off the control board through the 4 buttons of the card, selecting the functioning type (automatic or manual).

Of very small dimension appropriate for being boxed on the wall in 3 modules box, supplied with external plastic frame.

With input, such as 10 kohm NTC probe

For stoves CLAM ref. 05021510 Mod. Calorvision Idro - Termofavilla T/75 PRO - Termofavilla T/85 PRO - Termofavilla T/75 PRO R DX -  Termofavilla T/75 PRO R SX - Termofavilla T/85 PRO R DX -  Termofavilla T/85 PRO R SX -  Termofavilla T/75 PRO RS DX -Termofavilla T/75 PRO RS SX - Termofavilla T/85 PRO RS DX -  Termofavilla T/85 PRO RS SX

CLAM ref. 05012010 Mod. Rioverde

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