Palazzetti Nina Aria, 8.2kW

A unique round pellet stove for direct heating of spaces up to 70m2. Filled with over a decade of research and development that makes it an efficient and ecological solution for your home.

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The Nina is part of the Ecofire series of pellet stoves by one of Italy's most well known and trusted manufacturers - Palazzetti. Air model with a hot air ventilator for direct heating of the home, which means there is no need of expensive installations of ducting.


  • Made of steel with lacquered finish.
  • Model with two doors - one decorative and one for cleaning.
  • Cast iron top which not only looks good, but also increases heat convection.
  • Balanced door with self-balancing hinges - easy opening and closing.
  • Ceramic glass that can withstand 800°C and an air wash system that prevents blackening. This is achieved using adjustable deflectors that optimise the airflow.
  • Firebox and potter made of very thick cast iron which increases their life.
  • Large ash pan and Speedy Clean system.
  • Primary combustion air intake can be conveyed outdoors so it does not reduce the quality of air inside the room.
  • Variable-speed fan with Zero Speed Fan technology - the fan can be switched off to increase acoustic comfort and utilise only natural heat convection.
  • Front hot air outlet.
  • Quick Start system that reduces ignition time. It utilises a special ceramic resistance that lights quickly the pellets, thus reducing electricity consumption.
  • High-efficiency flue gas heat exchanger.

"Star" pellet feed system:

Star feeding system


    • An exclusive innovation that offers a number of advantages in terms of performance and maintenance ease and whose heart consists of a precisely machined part from a single block of steel. The system guarantees a constant quantity of pellets being fed to the combustion chamber. The blades behive like doors that prevent air from going from the burning chamber back to the hopper. Furthermore it results in a regular and even burning that improves performance and reduces the emissions.
    • Because of the rotating motion, this system makes it possible to completely burn even the dust that usually collects on the bottom of the hopper, keeping it clean.
    • The compact size makes it noiseless which in combination with the silenced pipe reduces even further any unpleasant noise.


Intelligent Fumis Controller

Fumis display

    • User-friendly design
    • Digital touch-screen display
    • Weekly programmer with settings for operating hours on daily and weekly basis
    • Fuel-saving combustion
    • Forced air circulation for rapid and uniform space heating
    • Settings for pellet quality
    • Remote control
    • Wi-Fi connectivity (optional)
More Information
Warranty 2 Years
Weight (kg) 120.0000
Country of Manufacture Italy
Energy efficiency class A+
Heat output (kW) 8.2
Heating type Fan-assisted Convection
Range of heat output (kW) 2.2 - 8.2
Depth (mm) 530
Dimension Width (mm) 590
Dimension Height (mm) 1190
Efficiency (%) 91.28
Approximate heating surface (m²/ft²) 70
Approximate heating capacity (m³) 189
Flue (mm) 80
CO measured at 13% Oxygen at rated power(reduced) [%] 25.5 - 353.7 mg/Nm³
Emissions (g/s) 3.07 - 5.1
Maximum temperature of flue gas (°C) 224.5
Exhaust Location Backside
More Information
Fuel Type Wood pellets
Maximum wood pellets load (kg) 18
Min/max fuel consumption per hour (kg) 0.5 / 1.92
Control panel Yes
Control unit Fumis
Weekly programmer Yes
Electric power supply (V/Hz) 230/50
Power consumption (W) 400W during ignition / Maximum 140W during operation
Multiple levels of power Yes
Temperature indicator Yes
Combustion forced ventilation Yes
Outside Air Supply Yes
Air inlet 60mm
Air Wash System Yes
Ash and soot container Yes
Certification BImSchV 2, CE
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