PE Compression female adaptor, PN16

Polyethylene pipe fitting.

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  • The fitting is made from virgin Polypropylene for immense impact strength and stress resistance.
  • The captive ‘O’ ring seal provides lifetime protection against leakage and requires no nut tightening to achieve a seal.
  • They prevent alga and bacteria forming due to UV proof (ultraviolet beam) structure.
  • It has a homogeneous and poreless inner surface.
  • Does not contain any foreign substance which can change the taste or the smell of the water.


  • No tools required.
  • Simple push in action.
  • Durable - High resistance to impact.
  • Resistant to corrosion in all ground conditions.
  • Reliable trouble free connection.
  • No protective layers or finishes are required.


  • Potable water.
  • Non-potable water.
  • Sewer systems.
  • Landscaping systems.

Operating information:

  • Should be kept away from hard or sharp objects during storage or installation phases. If the installation will be under the ground, it should be covered with sand in order to keep away from contact with hard and sharp objects. Damaged fittings shouldn’t be used strictly.
  • To be able to get the best efficiency tee and elbow pieces should be joined with 90°, other fittings should be joined with 180° to the system. The installation with different angles will make extra tensile on the fittings and will decrease the lifetime of the system.
  • Teflon band should be used with the threaded pieces. The band should be used enough to prevent water leakage and wrapped on the threaded part in the twisting direction. Insufficient use of the band may cause leakage, while excessive use of the band may cause extra tensile on the adaptor. This situation may cause breaking of the adaptor.
  • Over twisting of the nut will cause extra tension on the adaptor. A nut, which is exposed to such an extra tension cannot provide the guaranteed pressure value. Therefore the user should remember that the material is plastic and the nut should be twisted with a force only enough to prevent leakage.

Conditions that may cause leakage:

  • Unfitness of the measurements of the threads of other metal or plastic material.
  • Inefficient use of the teflon band.
  • Spoiling of the threads because of the improrer installation or over twisting of the nut.
  • Using unchamfered pipes and causing damage on the o-ring or removing the o-ring.
  • Excess of ovality off the pipes different than the tolerance values (± 0.5 mm).
  • Wrong installation, inefficient twisting or cracking the nut by over twisting.
  • Twisting the nut and installing the adaptor without joining the locking ring and the o-ring holder may cause leaks in the system.
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