Set Blacksmith BS-B45X - Pellas X Revo, 45kW

Choose the Blacksmith pellet boiler with PellasX Revo burner in order to achieve energy and money economy as well as to suspend the costly oil heating.

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Pellet boilers Blacksmith are an all-in-one set combining a highly efficient boiler (efficiency >90%), one of the best pellet burners on the market- PellasX Revo and a hopper. Everything is controlled by one of PellasX's modern and intuitive controllers- the R.Control TOUCH. 


Set includes:




  • Pellet boiler Blacksmith
  • Pellet burner PellasX Revo with auger
  • Controller R.Control TOUCH
  • Hopper 300L


The boiler

  • Designed specifically for pellet burning (solid fuel burning is an option)
  • Built-in cleaning system for the heat exchanger
  • Compact dimensions
  • Option for mounting the burner on the left or right side

Pellet boiler Blacksmith

The burner

  • Safety

    1) Patented technology for high pressure combustion, greatly reducing the risk of backfire;

    2) If backfire occurs, the polyurethane pipe connecting the burner with the feeder is melted, which prevents combustion in the hopper;

    3) Temperature sensor monitors the boiler temperature and cuts off fuel feeding if overheating is detected;

    4) Possibility for attaching an air filter;

    5) Precise control over the burner temperature.

  • Reliability

    1) Patented fuel mixing system- increases operating time without maintenance and improves the combustion process;

    2) Automatic restart after power cut-off;

    3) Combustion chamber manufactured by the highest quality heat-resistant steel;

    4) Made from the best materials, using the most advanced technologies available.

The control unit

RControl Touch


  • Colour touch screen for intuitive operation
  • Two menu types- simple one for day-to-day operation and advanced for service
  • Intelligent help function. By pressing the "Info" key descriptions for the parameters are shown
  • Modular design- the control system can operate three pumps and four heating circuits
  • Option for connecting outdoor temperature sensor for weather monitoring
  • Stepless regulation of the burner fan and power output which ensures perfect mixing of air and fuel, increasing the fuel economy
  • Monitoring of flame intensity, flue gas and water temperature, fuel quantity
  • Possibility of connecting a Lambda sensor which further increases efficiency
  • Weekly programmer
  • Alarm and error history
  • Statistics log
More Information
Warranty 1 year electronic components, 5 years on the boiler
Weight (kg) 450.0000
Country of Manufacture Poland
Heat output (kW) 45
Water heating output (kW) 45
Approximate heating surface (m²/ft²) 600 / 6458
Approximate heating capacity (m³) 1560
Depth (mm) 880
Dimension Width (mm) 790
Dimension Height (mm) 1805
Efficiency (%) >90
Construction material Steel
Boiler capacity (L) 182
Pellet burner Yes
Pellet fuel hopper Yes
Fuel hopper volume (L) 300
Maximum system pressure (bar) 3.5
Operating pressure (bar) 3
Maximum water temperature (°C) 90
Min. return water temperature (°C) 46
More Information
Water testing overpressure (bar) 5
Recommended fuel 6-8mm pellets
Fuel Type Wood pellets
Flue (mm) 180
Required chimney draught (Pa) 20
Exhaust Location Back side
Control panel Yes
Control unit R.Control TOUCH
Control of central heating pump Yes
Weekly programmer Yes
Electric power supply (V/Hz) 230/50
Multiple levels of power Yes
Combustion forced ventilation Yes
Thermometer Yes
Temperature indicator Yes
Certification CE
Cold water inlet 1 1/2"
Hot water outlet 1 1/2"
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