Artel Class.Idro.XXL 28, 27.32kW

The pellet boiler stove that fits every environment thanks to it's simple design.With power of 27.32kW it's perfect for heating spaces with volume up to 510m³

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Artel Classic line steel. Its electronic control unit modulates the release
of oxygen for combustion, the pellet feed frequency and the smoke
discharge speed in relation to the desired temperature. A simple line
that is nonetheless able to satisfy the client’s every desire.

Micronova controller:

display artel boiler

1) Increase temperature of water or air;

2) Decrease temperature of water or air;

3) Selection key SET;

4) On/Off key;

5) -6) key increase/decrease power;

7) Loading pellets.


 Capacity of the boiler without equal.The exchange ducts are immersed in the body that has a large capacity boiler that contains 60liters of water:

artel boiler capacity


Security system:

artel stove security system 1

1) The vent valve allows you to remove the air inside the boiler and the system;

2) The bulb sensor detects the water temperature exceeds 83 °C;

3) Flue gas ventilator;

4) The valve 3 bar locks automatically in the event of excessive pressure in the boiler;

5) Expansion vessel is a small tank with capacity of 8 liters used to protect closed water heating systems from excessive pressure;

artel stove security system 2

6) Circulation pump used for pumping the hot water to the system and pulling the cold water back through the boiler;

7) The pressure transducer converts the electrical signal into the water pressure;

8) Pressure switch that monitors the pressure in the exhaust duct.

 artel stove scheme modelartel stove boiler burning model

The fumes coming directly from the combustion are directed with 2 collectors to a row of 10 exchange ducts. The hot flue gases then encounter a lid and vermiculite are channeled towards other 6 tubes placed along the back of the stove.

artel stove fumes

Electronics effective for the management of the thermo even at a distance.

More Information
Warranty 2 Years
Weight (kg) 280.0000
Country of Manufacture Italy
Heat output (kW) 27.32
Space heating output (kW) 2.06 - 5.51
Water heating output (kW) 6.51 - 20.35
Heating type Hydro - Radiator
Approximate heating capacity (m³) 510
Depth (mm) 722
Dimension Width (mm) 672
Dimension Height (mm) 1384
Efficiency (%) 94.56 - 95.79
Boiler capacity (L) 60
Pellet burner Yes
Maximum wood pellets load (kg) 57
More Information
Min/max fuel consumption per hour (kg) 1.82 - 5.57
Flue (mm) 80
Control panel Yes
Control unit Micronova
Remote control Yes
Electric power supply (V/Hz) 230/50
Power consumption (W) 140 - 350
Multiple levels of power Yes
Combustion forced ventilation Yes
Class of boiler according to EN 303-5 5
Certification CE
Cold water inlet 3/4''
Hot water outlet 3/4''
Ash and soot container Yes
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